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Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center (OLRLC) has been in the child care service since 1980. The facility has been well maintained with the help of the parishioners of St. Paul the Apostle Parish. The building is safely located behind the church where it is isolated from the street noises. The environment is very conducive to the development of the children the sisters serve.

The current configuration plan is for two classrooms dedicated to the 18 to 24 month old children, one for 3 year old and one for a combined class of 4 and 5 year old children. We have reviewed the building in lieu of COVID-19 concerns and are making modifications to maximize the ability to social distance. Some non-essential furnishings are being removed and numerous other revisions to enhance the safety of the children. The four classrooms are almost twice the area required per student in the CDC guidelines compared to the number of children allowed per caregiver.

OLRLC has a modern kitchen facility where all the meals are prepared by a City of Corpus Christi certified Food Manager/Food Handler. Recent improvements included adding an additional water heater on the supply for washing the dishes to assure the temperature of the water is sufficient for cleaning the dishes.

All meals and snacks will continue to be served by the staff on plates individually for each child. This practice is now required for COVID-19 avoidance.
The cafeteria (multi-purpose Room) is large enough to assure social distances are maintained while serving the children.

The outdoor play facility at OLRLC is spacious enough to provide for numerous activities. It is fenced for security and includes large oak trees for shade. Children have their choice of activities from slides, climbing chambers, tricycles, see-saws etc.
The center has a well stocked first aid room that includes a bed to accommodate sick children until they can be picked up by the parent. The center doesn't administer medications, but will keep the child comfortable until they can be picked up. Any accident and/or first aid administered is reported to the parents.